Black bear seen roaming in Lancaster, last seen near college campus

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A black bear was roaming the streets of northeast Lancaster Wednesday morning, police said.

At about 6:55 a.m., police said they received a report that a black bear was seen on the 800 block of State St. When officers responded, they saw the bear just north of the Lancaster Country Day School’s campus.

The animal was last seen heading toward a wooded area near the Franklin and Marshall Baker Campus athletic fields. The Pennsylvania Game Commission was notified of the bear’s last known location.

Manheim Township Police received reports earlier Wednesday morning of a bear on the 1200 block of Harrisburg Pike – very close to wear the bear was reported in Lancaster.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission urges anyone who encounters a bear to make noise and alert the bear so it can move off. If one gets too close to the bear, officials advise to back away slowly and keep facing the bear.

Wild bear attacks are extremely rare, but the commission says to fight back if an attack occurs.

Bears return to areas where they find food, and sometimes that means coming back to areas where they’ve found garbage or other refuse to eat, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. This can be dangerous to people and bears alike.

Earlier this summer, a black bear was caught and sedated in midtown Harrisburg.

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