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Logistically, there are certain complications that come with being your university’s resident footwear fanatic. If you’re a partier, not ruining the sneakers that are particularly close to your heart may be a concern. For hoarders, finding ample storage space in your cramped, sometimes shared new room could be an issue. Or maybe you’re a trailblazer, and your primary point of business is setting yourself apart from the hundreds of other sneakerheads on campus.

For common problems, there are common solutions. Partiers have probably considered simply accepting their collective L and leaving their favorite kicks in their childhood bedrooms, hoarders have certainly done away with their physical textbooks and instead decided to use their bookshelves as sneaker storage, and trailblazers by now have come to terms with the fact that all sneakerheads have access to the same shoes and the same apps.

However, we’ve put our creative home improvement skills to the test, and curated six unconventional (or merely overlooked) products to help you better manage, stash and display your sneakers this semester.

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