20 Best Student Jobs In Montreal

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In just a few weeks, students are heading back to school, or about to start university for the first time. There’s a lot of things to figure out like how to find your classes, where to eat, and the all-important question, what are the best and cheapest bars for students? 

And for most of those things, it will take money. Even if you’ve saved up for the year, there always seem to be extra expenses that take you by surprise. 

Luckily Montreal is one of the best cities for students (ranked number one in North America) and it’s also a city with a booming economy and not enough people to fill some of those jobs. 

While jobs aren’t hard to find, good student jobs can be a little difficult. As a student, you need a job that can be flexible with class schedules and study time, and even better if it’s fun and looks good on your résumé. 

Whether you need a job pay your way through school or are looking for an internship for experience and to help get your foot in the workplace door, here are the 20 best jobs currently available in Montreal. 

Note that job postings are subject to change at any time.

Dust of your résumé. 


Marketing Coordinator at Hello Fresh

The food box company is looking for an energetic student to be to manage their local marketing. This is a great beginner position that offers a flexible, work from home opportunity.

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Dog Walking with Les Anges Gardiennes

Can you really even call it work if you’re dealing with dogs? This is the perfect job for students as you can have a flexible schedule, plus you get to walk around the city.  

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Research Intern at Google

Every year Google looks for students studying for a degree to help with their cutting edge research to develop solutions for real-world, large-scale problems.

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Event Waiter at G&R à Votre Service

This is a great side gig to get a glimpse into how the other half lives before you go back to your dorm and Ichiban. This staffing agency is always looking for young and dynamic student waiters. 

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Tutors for Elementary Subjects at Liberty Tutoring 

If you like kids, at home tutoring could be right for you. This company is currently looking for University students to tutor kids in different subjects. 

We are all teachers – showing interest in your child’s education can spark their enthusiasm to learn.

Posted by Liberty Tutoring on Saturday, February 10, 2018

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Speech Science Intern at Nuance

If you happen to be studying computer science or know how to program, Nuance is looking for interns to help with their latest conversational AI algorithms.

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You have to be 21 in Quebec to hold a school bus driver’s license but if you meet that requirement, training is free and they are currently looking for part-time drivers to fill positions. 

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Desk Assistant at Canadian Campus Communities

Work at the front desk of one of many Montreal dorms on the weekends. Help and meet other students and keep up with any complaints or issues with the building.  

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Artificial Intelligence Research Intern at Facebook

Advance the science and technology of intelligent machines by performing AI research. 

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The government of Canada is always looking for students to fill roles in a wide variety of fields. Just enter your information to see what jobs could potentially be yours. 

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Tasker On TaskRabbit

Earn money by helping people with everyday chores like cleaning and putting together IKEA furniture. Everything is built into the app and you can choose tasks as they appear. You won’t make a killing but you’ll get some extra beer money. 

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Intern at International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

ICAO is the only UN agency headquartered in Canada. It’s an exciting place to work with countries around the world represented in one place. They are currently looking for interns across the board. Get a taste of diplomatic life. 

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Telephone Fundraiser at Fundraising Direct 

It’s part-time, flexible and for a good cause; if you don’t hate talking on the phone (texting doesn’t work). There is also a competitive monthly bonus incentive. 

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You have to be positive and high energy to work with kids. But if you are then you get to play games all day! This employer will also work around class schedules.

Target practice!! This is how you take a birthday party to the next level

Posted by Explojeux / Everblast Play Company Montreal on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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Warehouse Worker

Fuze HR is looking for students who are free to work different shifts in shipping/receiving and to fill production lines. It might not be the most mentally exciting job but you’re probably tired of studying anyway. 

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Client Operations at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

This government agency is looking for a student for a one-month contract to handle things like reports and client emails. 

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Parking Data Collector at Parkopedia

This sounds like an awesome job, get paid to walk around the city and grab photos and information about parking lots.

Someone clearly didn’t use our app! Happy New Year from all of us at Parkopedia. Thanks for all your support and look forward to even more exciting developments in 2015!

Posted by Parkopedia on Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Barista at The Vasco Da Gama

What would a student jobs list be without one coffee posting? Vasco da Gama is a cool little eatery in the heart of downtown Montreal.  

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Happy job hunting!

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