10 College Dorm-Room Cooking Essentials

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If you’re headed off to college in the fall, you might think your only eating options are the dining-hall food and late-night pizza ⁠— but that doesn’t have to be the case! Even if you don’t have a kitchen, you can whip up all kinds of healthy-ish, tasty meals and snacks right in your dorm room.

We’ve rounded up 10 college cooking essentials that belong in every dorm. From smart microwaves to compact Keurigs, these dorm dining essentials are just what you need to eat well without having to eat out. Enjoy!

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Amazon Basics Smart Microwave (Works with Alexa), $59.99
This compact, voice-controlled microwave is the perfect size for the dorm! It has all the microwave features you’d expect, plus built-in, easy-to-use smart cooking presets. It works with Alexa (Alexa-enabled devices sold separately) to take the guesswork out of reheating and cooking all your favorite foods. Just say, “Alexa, reheat one cup of coffee,” and Alexa will start reheating with the appropriate power and time settings.

Rapid Ramen Cooker (Pack of 2), $9.99
You can have perfect ramen noodles ready in just three minutes with the Rapid Ramen Cooker! It goes right in the microwave, eliminating the need for dirty dishes, or ruined coffee pots. With this two-pack deal, you can give a Rapid Ramen Cooker to your roomie or leave one back at home and keep the other in the dorm.

Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper, $14.99
Pop a healthy, delicious snack in minutes using this best-selling microwave popcorn popper. Simply expand the popper to its full height, add in 1/4 to 1/2 cup of kernels, place the lid loosely inside the bowl, place inside the microwave, and cook for 2-4 minutes (depending on your microwave and the amount of kernels used). When you’re through, simply rinse the popcorn popper and collapse it for nearly flat, space-saving storage.

Sistema Microwave Cookware for Easy Eggs, $6.99
Make scrambled eggs, omelettes, egg muffins and more in minutes with this easy-to-use microwave bowl. Just add your ingredients, close the bowl, open the vent, and pop it in the microwave (cooking times will vary based on your microwave’s settings). In moments, you’ll have a hearty, delicious egg breakfast with virtually no mess or splatter to clean up!

COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator & Freezer Cooler, $209.99
A mini fridge is great, but having your own mini freezer in the dorm room opens up a whole new world of eating possibilities! With this mini-fridge and freezer combination, you can store frozen dinners, ice cream, leftovers and beyond in the separate freezer compartment. And of course, the fridge section is great for drinks, fruits, veggies and more. The unit measures approximately 20-by-17.5-by-34-inches — just the right size for the dorm!

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SuperDee Corp Collapsible Silicone Food Storage Containers (Set of 4), $19.99
These microwave-safe BPA-free containers are great for leftovers, and when not in use, they collapse to 1/3 of their original size for compact, easy storage. This set includes four different size containers: Small (10.5 ounce), medium (18 ounce), large (26 ounce) and extra large (43 ounce).

Instant Pot Duo Mini 3-Quart 7-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, $59.95
With this mini multi-cooker at the ready, the question isn’t what can you cook in a dorm room — it’s what can’t you cook! It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker and warmer all in one compact, dorm-size device.

“The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook: Easy, Healthy Recipes for the Next Four Years & Beyond” by Pamela Ellgen, $11.99
Dining halls can be dangerous for the health-conscious, but with a little effort, you can eat healthy and affordable meals cooked in your own dorm room. This cookbook features more than 100 simple yet delicious meals that can be made with five ingredients or fewer. Who needs ramen when you have a college cookbook with fresh, delicious recipes anyone can make?

Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker, $69.99
When you’re running late for class but still need a caffeine boost, the Keurig K-mini will be your best friend. Just add water to the reservoir, pop in your favorite K-cup pod, press the button and enjoy you freshly brewed cup of coffee in minutes. This space-saving coffee maker is travel mug friendly and has a removable drip tray for quick and easy cleanup.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $24.99
You probably don’t have room for a full-size toaster or a stovetop burner in the dorm room, but this sandwich press conveniently combines both into one easy-to-use device! Just put in in your bread, layer on your favorite toppings, add an egg, and close… Five minutes later, slide the cooking plate out, and enjoy your hot, toasted, perfectly assembled breakfast sandwich.

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