10 best college football tailgate locations for 2019

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The 2019 college football season is almost here. Many fans are excited for their favorite teams to get a fresh start, but they are also happy for another reason — tailgates are back.

One of the things that makes college football special is that it’s not just about what happens during the 60 minutes on the gridiron. Various game day traditions can be found at schools across the country, and that extends to tailgates.

Tailgating serves as the party before the party on the days of games, and in some places, the party doesn’t even stop when kickoff begins. Fans gather for drinks, food and games. Music is usually involved, too. Many schools have unique features that make their tailgates stand out from the pack, and the atmosphere around the stadium would not be the same without them.

So where will fans find the best tailgate scenes in the fall? There are many you could pick that would lead to a good time, but we tried to narrow it down to the top 10.

We combined what we know about the tailgating experience at various schools and evaluations of their home game schedules to map out the premium tailgating locations for the upcoming college football season. Scroll up to see our choices.

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